Periform Plus Vaginal Probe


Product Information

Periform Plus is an intra vaginal probe for Biofeedback and Pelvic Floor Muscle Stimulation.

Periform Plus is one of the most popular vaginal stimulation probes for use with EMG Biofeedback devices (i.e. Nu-Tek Levator Elite) and for pelvic floor rehabilitation with pelvic floor stimulators, such as Nu-Tek Levator Mini. Periform Plus is favoured and recommended by continence therapists and pelvic floor rehabilitation professionals.

Periform Plus is compatible with most brands of pelvic floor muscle stimulators and EMG Biofeedback machines using leads with 2 mm diameter male and female connectors.

Periform Plus is a one piece device that is smoother and easier to clean. It has an integrated cable that is integrally moulded to eliminate any chances of moisture ingress. The cable is 36 cm long enabling location of equipment cable connection to be moved away from areas of potential contamination.

Periform Plus electrodes are made from medical grade surgical stainless steel.

Periform Plus Vaginal Probe is 80 mm long.