I’m a mother of two little darlings, A person who always likes to be active and I’ve had a love of sports from an early age. I love to run, I love to be outdoors and I love animals – in my youth I thought I’d be a Vet, then one evening at a careers convention in my school hall I changed my mind and never looked back! 

I am a physiotherapist and a Pilates instructor.

It was always my goal to combine an interest in physical fitness with a career in a caring profession.

I graduated from UCD school of Physiotherapy in 2003, became a Pilates instructor in 2006 and have specailised in Women’s Health since 2007. I worked for many years in The National Maternity Hospital in Dublin and in The Pelvic Floor Centre where I worked with many women through the year of pregnancy. I supported many women through Gynaecological surgery and treated many women with complex pelvic floor dysfunctions affecting bladder, bowel and uterus. I am a learner by nature and have, and still do, spend hours and hours reading and listening and attending courses.


My goal in my work is to bring patients from a place where they feel broken, where they feel vulnerable, fragile, sore and afraid, to a place where they feel in control of their body, where they have fearless movement and can really try to do anything that they want to do, free from pain and discomfort and free from the fear of incontinence.


Essentially, no matter what the problem, I aim to bring patients from overwhelmed to under control.

My pilates classes reflect this. The exercises teach build strength from the inside out. It is restorative movement. I want to bring people who are afraid to move, because they have pain, prolapse or incontinence, to a place where they will have the confidence to head off into the sunset and join any gym, in any town and participate in whatever they feel like, safe in the knowledge that they have built up their strength with me. They know their own bodies, they know their own strategy for lifting, and they know their limits and aren’t afraid to say, “no that exercise isn’t right for me.”

And even more so, I want my clients to be able to say yes to things …. “Yes I will go for a walk with you!” “Yes I will jump on the trampoline!” “Yes I will go on holiday!”

These changes don’t happen overnight, but they do happen and when they do they are wonderful!

Welcome to the Leah Bryans Physiotherapy. We are happy to help you!

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