Prolapse is a very common problem affecting the female pelvis, and it can feel very different for each woman.

It can feel like a sense of pressure, a bulge, a feeling of ‘something coming down’ or a sense of having a tampon stuck in the vagina. Prolapse can also be linked with bladder leakage, or difficulty emptying the bladder fully. Constipation may also be an issue. It can occur after pregnancy or in the years around menopause.

Prolapse is not a life threatening condition but it can really effect quality of life. Symptoms can impact on our ability to lead a carefree life, exercising when and how we want. Going out places with our family and friends.

Our aim with physiotherapy is to provide individual advice and treatment for each woman:

  • Listen to the symptoms you experience and how these bother you day to day
  • Identify what type of prolapse you have and quantify the grade of the prolapse
  • Assess the pelvic floor muscles – we check co-ordination, strength, endurance, speed
  • Explain exactly what this means for you
  • Figure out what your goals are with respect to exercise and lifestyle – is your pelvic floor stopping you from doing the things you enjoy? Our goal is to get you doing those things again!
  • Look at co-existing symptoms in your bladder or bowel that might be impacting your prolapse
  • Create a treatment plan/exercise programme just for you

Sometimes physio alone can make prolapse feel much better. Other times we will refer to your GP regarding pessary management or advice around other menopausal symptoms which may benefit from Hormone Replacement Therapy or to a Gynaecologist for a surgical opinion.

If this is the right choice for you we will support you before and after surgery and help you build your strength again and ultimately get back to doing the things you love without fear of making things worse etc!!

Our Pilates Classes can be really helpful in helping you stay strong and active without having the fear that someone will ask you to do something you can’t or something you feel might make you feel worse!


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