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Female Pelvic Floor Refresher course

Postponed until further notice

Kilcock Physiotherapy Clinic

Course objectives

  • Reminders of anatomy and physiology
  • Subjective and objective assessment of urinary incontinence
  • How to recognise pelvic organ prolapse
  • Looking at the most common presentations in clinical practice
  • How to assess and treat with confidence
  • Simple language
  • I aim to show you skills from my tried and tested clinical practise – what has worked for me over the last almost 20years
  • Brainstorming of case studies or tricky WH pts you’ve had so far

Pre requisites 

  • completed level one female pelvic floor course

I welcome expressions of interest for a live in person course, a pre recorded online course or a live online course covering any of the above!

Pelvic Floor and Pilates online workshop

Sign up for ‘Postnatal Essentials’ course

suitable for Physiotherapists, Pilates instructors and fitness professionals

This workshop is suitable for those who are interested in working with women.  It will teach you pelvic floor anatomy and physiology, in particular focusing on the effects of pregnancy and the post partum period.

We hope to help you understand the effects of this major life event on the pelvis and body as a whole, and teach you how to safely guide women through their return to exercise via our own tried and tested pilates methods.

Our goal is to create a group of ‘go to trainers’ for women post natally.  Trainers who can support women to regain confidence and strength without causing undue pressure and strain on their recovering bodies.

The course material is evergreen – you have lifetime access and can go at your own pace. It is divided into two sections, theory lead by Leah Bryans and practical led by Eleanor Finn.  Its a mix of powerpoint presentations with voice over and videos of the suggested exercises. There is also an associated Facebook group where you can ask questions and give feedback as you work through the course.

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