Post natal checks

All women have a check up at 6 weeks with their GP. After this is a really great idea to book an appointment for a check up with a pelvic health physiotherapist. Your body undergoes huge change through pregnancy and delivery! It’s good to have a check for reassurance that everything is recovering from this miracle feat and to nip any problems in the bud before they become troublesome.

Here’s what you can expect at that visit.

We will discuss with you how your pregnancy was and how you delivered your baby.

We will listen carefully to any symptoms or concerns you might be having about your body. Then we will carefully assess you to find out what might be causing the discomfort or weakness you are experiencing.


We will perform a Vaginal examination to check that you have healed well from any stitches or episiotomy. We will assess your pelvic floor muscles to make sure that you are able to contract and relax them fully and thus you can effectively practice pelvic floor strengthening exercises which, we know from LOADS of research done, prevents problems such as urinary or faecal incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse occurring in the future.

We will assess your abdominal wall, visually, with our hands and also with ultrasound to see if you have significant separation of your rectus abdominus muscles.

We will have a look at your posture and your freedom of movement in your back and neck and hips.

If you are experiencing pain, significant DRAM or pelvic floor dysfunction we will treat that as appropriate (over the course of a few sessions) and help you get back to feeling you again!

We’ll also discuss your goals in terms of getting back to your usual sport or exercise and come up with a plan to help you gain the strength and control required to do whatever you love to do when the time is right!

Post natal check-ups last about 1 hour and cost €120.

Baby is very welcome to come with you but you will usually find you can concentrate better on your own recovery if you are there on your own for your appointment.